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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Creating Perfect Social Media Posts

What is the recipe for a perfect social media post?

User interaction and content consumption on each of the popular social platforms varies significantly. So to get the best out of these social media channels, you must optimize your post content for each social network.

To become successful on social media platforms, you need to master the art of developing the perfect post based on your target audience.

Using smart social media optimization tricks like where to add the CTA in your Facebook description, how to include a shortened link in your Twitter post, or why you need to use professional images on Instagram make the difference between success and failure on social platforms.

This social media cheat sheet will help you create the perfect social post on your targeted social media channels and gain the attention you need to kick start the brand engagement.

Cheat Sheet for Perfect Facebook Post

Let’s explore how you can create perfect social post for Facebook.

  • Inform Your Audience

The most engaging posts are ones that offer little idea about the content, but don’t reveal everything; this increases the curiosity that leads fans to click. Fans engage more with content that provides valuable information.

  • Use Quality Images

Posts with quality visuals receive highest engagement on Facebook, so make sure to use one where it is needed. The optimal image size for Facebook post is 800×600px.

  • Use Videos

Videos get higher engagement in the Facebook newsfeeds these days. So upload an attention-grabbing video directly to Facebook for amplifying the brand engagement.

  • Facebook Live

Facebook live is a very popular feature used by brands to drive engagement. You can utilize Facebook Live feeds to boost engagement to your post.

  • Use Shortened Link

Utilize links from your website to get the best out of your post. Use, or any another URL Shortener so that you can track clicks from your Facebook post.

  • Think Mobile

According to a recent study, 70% of your fan read your Facebook post from their mobile devices. So, you must optimize your post content for mobile platforms.

  • Engage with Audience

Posting quality content is not enough to grab attention, you also need to engage with your audience and build relationships by responding to their queries.

Cheat Sheet for Perfect Twitter Post

Let’s find out how you can create perfect twitter post for better engagement.

  • Tweet Length

Keep your tweet lengths limited to 140 character for optimal impact. It also helps to save space for a user to re-tweet.

  • Use Proper Punctuation & Grammar

Don’t sacrifice punctuation and grammar because of the 140 characters limit.

  • Use Call to Action

Provide a clear call to action to your followers to make the most out of your tweets.

  • Use Shorten URL

Use or other URL Shortener so that you can track clicks from your tweets.

  • Types of Tweet

Use questions, stats, and facts to engage your followers and drive re-tweets.

  • Mentions

Use”@” to respond and mention influencers to increase engagement.

  • Re-tweet

Re-tweet interesting content for better engagement with your users. It makes sense to leave 20 characters so your followers can add comments or content.

Cheat Sheet for Perfect Pinterest Post

Let’s explore how you can create perfect post to get the best out of Pinterest.

  • Use Images Without Human Faces

According to a study pictures without human faces get 23% more share than those with faces.

  • Light and Color

Colorful images get 10x more repins than black & white images. Images with 50% color saturation get 4 times more repins than those with 100%.

  • Use Multi Colored Images

Images with bright colors such as red, dark green, or pink receive 3 times more repins than other images. Red and orange images earn 2x more repins.

  • Use Images with Minimal Background

Images with little background (not more than 40% of the image) get 2 times more engagement than the images with large background.

  • Use Portrait Images

Pinterest is best suited for vertically oriented images and that’s why they get more engagement than horizontal ones. The ideal image sizes are 2:3 and 4:5.

Cheat Sheet for Perfect LinkedIn Post

Let’s explore how you can create perfect post to get the best out of LinkedIn.

  • Status Update

Make sure your updates are trendy, informative and eye-grabbing. Create LinkedIn post with less than 55 characters for best results and use question to engage with your connections.

  • Post With a Link

Use a link in your post or status update to allow people interested in your content to discover more information.

  • Interact with Audience

Build a relationship or trust with your audience by responding to their comments and interacting with them.

  • Edit Description

Make sure your description is concise and attention-grabbing.

  • Research and Analyze

Analyze your target users by using LinkedIn insights and create post catering to them.

Cheat Sheet for Perfect Instagram Post

Let’s explore how you can create perfect social post for Instagram

  • Use Eye-Catching Images

Instagram users love beautiful, professional and quality images. So create updates according to your fan base and use photo editing apps like snapseed, camera+ to enhance your images.

  • Utilize Filters

Instagram has many filters you can use to enhance your images for better engagement.

  • Use Videos

Videos are very popular on Instagram. You can either create the video using the app or upload a recorded one. Make sure your video is 30-60 seconds long for better engagement.

  • Use Attention-Grabbing Caption

Use engaging caption relevant to your brand and photo to make your post stand out. Don’t forget to add clear CTA to boost engagement.

  • Utilize Hashtags

Use trendy and relevant hashtags to your post to drive engagement.

  • Interact with Audience

Manage your audience and boost engagement by responding their queries or comments. You need to keep in mind that Instagram is not a platform to get direct sales since you can’t add hyperlinks to your post.


Using above mentioned social media best practices, you’ll be able to completely stand out on your targeted social media channels.

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