How to Unblock Your Website URL Blocked by Facebook

Are you unable to share your website URL in Facebook? If your answer is ‘YES’, then this post is for you.

Your website URL is being blocked by Facebook. To make it worse, you cant share links to your blocked website URL in Instagram profile #linkinbio section.

Facebook security system automatically blacklists & hides all previous posts containing the blocked URL resulting which no one can access that content.

Businesses using Facebook Shop will not be able to showcase products or make any further sale till the website URL is blocked.


Why did Facebook block my website URL?

Before we jump into finding solutions, one should first try to diagnose and understand the reasons behind getting blocked.

There are higher chances of getting blocked repeatedly if we do not understand the reasons behind getting blocked.

Facebook has an automated security system which monitors the 3rd party URLs being added across the Facebook ecosystem.


Below are top 3 reasons why your website URL may be blocked by Facebook security system:

  1. Report abusive or spam post by Facebook Users: If a Facebook posts is being flagged by multiple Facebook users & reported as spam/ abusive, then it has higher chances of getting automatically blocked. This blockage will continue till the website owner/ webmaster appeals for a review.
  2. Aggressive link sharing on Facebook: In order to attract more visitors, businesses often share their website URLs across Facebook pages & groups aggressively. There are numerous Facebook groups allowing users to join & exchange Facebook likes which Facebook does not like and may penalize by blocking the website URL or Facebook profile.
  3. Abusive content: In an effort to keep its social media platform clean & safe, Facebook has developed a set of community standards that outlines what is and is not allowed on Facebook. A website URL will be blocked if it fails to satisfy these guidelines.

How to check & confirm if my website URL is blocked?

Below is a checklist to check & confirm if a particular website URL is blocked by Facebook:

  1. If you are trying to share the website URL in Facebook and getting errors mentioned above, then your website URL is probably blocked.
  2. Facebook provides a sharing debugger tool which can be used to check & verify if your website URL is blocked or not.

How to get a website URL unblocked by Facebook?

Facebook unfortunately does not provide any online chat/ email/ phone support for website owners incase their website URL is blocked. This has added to a lot of confusion among users who are desperately looking for some official instructions & support to get rid of the situation.

* Several Forums/ Groups suggest to start Facebook sponsored posts with link to your blocked URL but it never helped in my experience.

Below are some of the techniques you may try to appeal to Facebook & get your website URL unblocked:

  • Facebook Debug Tool – The Facebook Debug Tool contains link to appeal for a review incase a website URL is blocked & one strongly feels that their website is innocent. Facebook team does review all such appeals on a regular basis and would reply to such appeals through Facebook Support. Below is a sample message that I received while trying to appeal on behalf of a client.
  • Facebook User Appeal – Facebook provides an appeal option to users if they are trying to share a blocked website URL on Facebook. Facebook does review such appeal and you might get unblocked after a review.

PS: Domain ‘’ was not blocked by Facebook at the time when this post was published. We used ‘’ for watermarking & as an example domain name. Facebook DOES NOT charge any money for such review & approving a website.


DO NOT TRY these steps to get your website URL unblocked by Facebook

In my experience, many websites have been routinely blocked by Facebook’s security system until they appeal properly. It becomes more challenging when Facebook DOES NOT provide any email/ phone/ chat support directly to hear from users and provide a direct advise. FAQs do not help all the time.

Some miscreants have thus found this frustrating situation as a mode of making quick money and are publishing fake TOLL Free USA based Facebook support phone numbers. Users calling for help are being answered by people who confidently represent themselves from Facebook Support Department.

After hearing the issues, these fake support people initiate a verification & validation process of the user’s Facebook account which mainly involves in asking the user to buy Google Play Gift Cards or Apple iTunes Gift Cards worth hundreds of denominations and hand over the card numbers to them over the phone.

These Fake Facebook Support person would further use the card numbers to redeem money and faking it as a new verification process from Facebook. It’s a repeated process of buying cards & providing them the card numbers and affected users are informed that they are just one step away from getting fully verified by Facebook and getting unblocked. They also promise that the total money redeemed through Google Play Cards or Apple iTunes Cards will be reversed back once the process is fully completed. It has been noted that many business owners have lost thousands of dollars before finally realizing it to be a scam.


Do feel free to share your experience in the comments below incase your website is blocked by Facebook and what steps did you take to overcome such situation.

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